Online Coaching

My passion is to help people achieve what they didn’t believe was possible

It's never too late to change
the way you live your life
and make better choices

My goal is to help as many people as I can feel fitter, stronger and healthier. I want my clients to feel like they have gained a lot from me and whether they are with me for 3 months or a year they can leave with a much better understanding about nutrition and training that stays with them for many years to come.


I started online coaching to help people realise their own potential. Not only to teach them about nutrition and exercise, but also to teach them about their body and how they can live a healthier lifestyle without feeling restricted.

I’ve been training for over 10 years now and through a lot of trial, error and educating myself, I have learnt a lot about the body and how it reacts differently to types of training and nutrition. I’ll share with you my knowledge to help you reach your goals effectively and ensure you achieve lasting results.

Why to choose
Shane Crommer

We are all capable of achieving our goals and it doesn’t
have to be hard to get there, sometimes it’s best to simplify the process and
break it down in steps.


Customised workout plans tailored to your goals, whether that's weight loss, weight gain, toning up, bulking, getting lean or whatever your goal may be.


Customised meal plans that take into consideration your likes and dislikes, dietary preferences, desired body composition and daily routines, sent directly to your phone.


As well as regular check in's to evaluate your progress, I will also be available through the messenger on my app where you can contact me with any questions or simply update me on your latest pb! I'm here to support you through all of your highs and lows.


Accountability is key! Track your progress within the app and update me with your latest measurements, progress photos and stats so I can adjust your plans based on your progression and keep you on track to reach your next goal.

"My mission: to
change peoples lives
and make them believe
in themselves."

Your future is created
by what you do today
not tomorrow